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The Door

Sunday AMRev Jason LittlesJohn 14:6Sunday,
October 17, 2021

Yielding To The Will Of God

Bible ClassRev Chris JohnsonLuke 1:26-38Sunday,
October 17, 2021

General Conference Cliffnotes

WednesdayPastor SheerinWednesday,
October 13, 2021

Are You Actively Searching For Sheep?

Sunday AMPastor SheerinLuke 15:4Sunday,
October 10, 2021

Gleanings From Ruth On Trusting God

Bible ClassRev Laura ButlerRuth 2:12Sunday,
October 10, 2021


WednesdayRev Chris JohnsonActs 2:42Wednesday,
October 6, 2021

Bent But Not Broken

Sunday AMPastor SheerinLuke 13:10-13Sunday,
October 3, 2021

The Word

Bible ClassRev Jason LittlesProverbs 22:6Sunday,
October 3, 2021

Mercy/Just Be Held

Youth ServiceSis Anna Crocker/Bro Christian KiserTitus 3:7, Matthew 11:28Wednesday,
September 29, 2021

Who Cares For The Coin?

Sunday AMPastor SheerinLuke 15:8-10Sunday,
September 26, 2021

Your New Lift, Pt 3

Bible ClassSis Chae SheerinRomans 4:17Sunday,
September 26, 2021

Thy Rod And Thy Staff They Comfort Me

WednesdayPastor SheerinPsalms 23:1-4Wednesday,
September 22, 2021


Sunday AMPastor SheerinActs 8:1-4Sunday,
September 19, 2021

Close The Book

Bible ClassBro Marty McMillinLuke 4:16-21Sunday,
September 19, 2021

We Will Not Forget

WednesdayPastor SheerinLuke 22:19-20Wednesday,
September 15, 2021

You Must Be A Grand Parent If You Want To Be A Grandparent

Sunday AMPastor SheerinJohn 4:46-53Sunday,
September 12, 2021

Love Your God

Bible ClassRev David LittlesDeuteronomy 6:1-12Sunday,
September 12, 2021

He Is With You

WednesdayPastor SheerinPsalms 23:1-4Wednesday,
September 8, 2021

He Will Bring You Out

Sunday AMPastor SheerinHabakkuk 3:16-19Sunday,
September 5, 2021

Will You Sell Your Birthright?

Bible ClassBro Chris KiserGenesis 25:27Sunday,
September 5, 2021

For His Name's Sake

WednesdayPastor SheerinPsalms 23:1-3Wednesday,
September 1, 2021


Sunday AMPastor Sheerin1 Corinthians 15:57-58Sunday,
August 29, 2021

Walk As Children Of Light

Bible ClassSis Peggy McMillinEphesians 5:13-18Sunday,
August 29, 2021

MeMaw's Chair

Youth ServiceSis Sheila DurkJeremiah 6:16Wednesday,
August 25, 2021

There Is Safety In His Shadow

Sunday AMPastor SheerinPsalms 9:9-10, 91:1Sunday,
August 22, 2021

My God

Bible ClassBro Clyde OwensJohn 20:21Sunday,
August 22, 2021

He Restoreth My Soul

WednesdayPastor SheerinPsalms 23:1-3Wednesday,
August 18, 2021

There's Deliverance From Your Difficulty

Sunday AMPastor SheerinPsalms 34:17-22Sunday,
August 15, 2021

Redeeming The Time

Bible ClassRev Chris JohnsonEphesians 5:15-16Sunday,
August 15, 2021

Still Waters

WednesdayPastor SheerinPsalms 23:1-2Wednesday,
August 11, 2021


Sunday AMRev Jason LittlesMatthew 19:22Sunday,
August 8, 2021


Bible ClassRev Laura ButlerGenesis 22:1-17Sunday,
August 8, 2021

Trust God

WednesdayRev Chris JohnsonDaniel 3:16-18Wednesday,
August 4, 2021

If You Try, You Can Fly

Sunday AMPastor SheerinPhilippians 3:13-14Sunday,
August 1, 2021

He's Here To Help

Sunday AMPastor SheerinPsalms 86:5-7Sunday,
July 25, 2021

Your New Life, Pt 2

Bible ClassSis Chae SheerinRomans 8:14-16Sunday,
July 25, 2021

For Such A Time As This

WednesdayRev Chris JohnsonEsther 4:14Wednesday,
July 21, 2021

Covenant Relationships

Sunday AMRev Jason LittlesHebrews 8:6-9Sunday,
July 18, 2021

Don't Follow The Crowd

Bible ClassBro Marty McMillinMatthew 7:13Sunday,
July 18, 2021

Names Of God

WednesdayRev Jason LittlesPsalms 23:1Wednesday,
July 14, 2021

You're Too Late

Sunday AMPastor SheerinJohn 11:1-3,21,32Sunday,
July 11, 2021


Bible ClassSis Peggy McMillinPhilippians 2:5Sunday,
July 11, 2021

Jesus Rested

WednesdayRev Jason LittlesMatthew 25:1-13Wednesday,
July 7, 2021

The Truth Shall Make You Free

Sunday AMPastor SheerinJohn 8:31-32Sunday,
July 4, 2021

God's Love

Bible ClassBro Clyde OwensActs 2:1-4Sunday,
July 4, 2021

Goodness Of God/Don't Miss Your Chance By Chasing Your Idol

Youth ServiceBro Alex Diaz/Sis Tess SheerinJob 5:7-8, 2 Chronicles 16:7Wednesday,
June 30, 2021

But God

Sunday AMRev Jason Littles2 Kings 6:12-15Sunday,
June 27, 2021

Mercy And Grace

Bible ClassRev Chris JohnsonTitus 3:4-8Sunday,
June 27, 2021

Lie Down In Green Pastures

WednesdayPastor SheerinPsalms 23:1-2Wednesday,
June 23, 2021

Dad, Don't Stop Singing

Sunday AMPastor SheerinProverbs 18:21Sunday,
June 20, 2021


Bible ClassBro Chris Kiser2 Corinthians 6:18Sunday,
June 20, 2021

Because Chapter Two Happened To You, You Can Be What He Needs You To Be In Chapter Three

Sunday AMPastor SheerinActs 2:24-3:1Sunday,
June 13, 2021

Redeeming The Time

Bible ClassPastor SheerinEphesians 5:13-17Sunday,
June 13, 2021

KCA Graduation

Sunday PMRev G. L. KeeneSunday,
June 6, 2021

Fully Come, But Not Done

Sunday AMPastor SheerinActs 2:42Sunday,
June 6, 2021

The Path To Fruitfulness

Bible ClassRev Jason LittlesLuke 13:6-9Sunday,
June 6, 2021

Go A Little Farther

Sunday AMRev Laura ButlerMatthew 26:36-46Sunday,
May 30, 2021


Bible ClassRev Chris JohnsonJonah 4:10-11Sunday,
May 30, 2021


WednesdayRev Chris JohnsonProverbs 4:6Wednesday,
May 26, 2021

Pentecost Fully Come

Sunday AMPastor SheerinActs 2:1Sunday,
May 23, 2021

Your New Life

Bible ClassSis Chae SheerinPhilippians 1:6Sunday,
May 23, 2021

Fiery Fives/Be Here And Bring Them

Youth ServiceSis Abby Sheerin/Bro Christian Turner/Sis Sheila DurkWednesday,
May 19, 2021

Go With God

Sunday AMPastor SheerinProverbs 16:9Sunday,
May 16, 2021

Weathering The Storm

Bible ClassRev Laura ButlerHabakkuk 3:13Sunday,
May 16, 2021

Spiritual Speed Bumps

WednesdayPastor SheerinPsalms 23Wednesday,
May 12, 2021

There Was Jesus

Sunday AMSis Chae SheerinJohn 4:5-10Sunday,
May 9, 2021

Order My Steps

WednesdayRev Chris JohnsonPsalms 119:133Wednesday,
May 5, 2021

The Road That Leads To Rest

Sunday AMPastor SheerinJeremiah 6:13-16Sunday,
May 2, 2021


Bible ClassBro Chris KiserMark 4:9Sunday,
May 2, 2021

Stand Up/What To Do When You're Hurting

Youth ServiceSis Anna Crocker/Bro Alex DiazJoshua 7:5-11, John 14:27Wednesday,
April 28, 2021

Don't Lose Heart, Just Keep Coming

Sunday AMPastor SheerinLuke 18:1Sunday,
April 25, 2021

The Teachings Of Jesus Christ

Bible ClassBro Marty McMillinActs 1:8Sunday,
April 25, 2021

How Hard Are You Making It On My Friends Goodness And Mercy?, Pt 4

WednesdayPastor SheerinPsalms 23Wednesday,
April 21, 2021

What To Do When He Comes Through For You

Sunday AMPastor SheerinMark 10:52Sunday,
April 18, 2021

Renewing Of Your Mind

WednesdayRev Chris JohnsonRomans 12:2Wednesday,
April 14, 2021

Divine Intervention

Sunday AMPastor SheerinActs 12:4Sunday,
April 11, 2021

How Hard Are You Making It On My Friends Goodness And Mercy?, Pt 3

WednesdayPastor SheerinPsalms 23Wednesday,
April 7, 2021

Easter Is For You

Sunday AMPastor SheerinRomans 6:23, 5:8Sunday,
April 4, 2021

We Must Pray

Bible ClassPastor SheerinMatthew 17:19-21Sunday,
April 4, 2021

Something That God Cannot Do

Sunday AMRev Chris JohnsonDeuteronomy 31:6Sunday,
March 28, 2021

Psalm 139

Bible ClassSis Chae SheerinPsalm 139Sunday,
March 28, 2021

You Can't Hide From The Holy Ghost/Release The Name

Youth ServiceBro Christian Turner/Sis Sheila Durk1 Samuel 17:45, Joshua 6:20, Acts 16:25Wednesday,
March 24, 2021

From Fear To Faith

Sunday PMRev Jesse Cornejo1 John 4:18Sunday,
March 21, 2021

Have You Received The Holy Ghost Since You Believed?

Sunday AMPastor SheerinActs 19:6Sunday,
March 21, 2021

How Hard Are You Making It On My Friends Goodness And Mercy, Pt 2

WednesdayPastor SheerinPsalms 23Wednesday,
March 17, 2021

A Time To Tell God, "No"

Sunday AMPastor SheerinJeremiah 32:27Sunday,
March 14, 2021

How Hard Are You Making It On My Friends Goodness And Mercy

WednesdayPastor SheerinPsalms 23Wednesday,
March 10, 2021

Can You Handle Cold Turkey?

Sunday AMPastor SheerinMark 5:15-17Sunday,
March 7, 2021

The Lord Helps His Troubled People

WednesdayPastor SheerinPsalms 3Wednesday,
March 3, 2021

The Most Important Thing

Sunday AMRev Chris JohnsonColossians 3:2Sunday,
February 28, 2021

The Undelivered Message

Bible ClassRev Laura ButlerHebrews 11:6Sunday,
February 28, 2021

Never Doubt God And Never Give Up On God/Shut Up Goliath

Youth ServiceBro Alex Diaz/Bro Christian TurnerWednesday,
February 24, 2021

'Til The House Won't Hold

Sunday AMPastor SheerinMark 2:2Sunday,
February 21, 2021

Don't Remove The Pastor

Sunday AMRev Aubrey JayroeGenesis 3:24Sunday,
February 7, 2021

Brokenness Is Love

Bible ClassRev Laura ButlerPsalms 34:18Sunday,
February 7, 2021

Humbly Remember

WednesdayPastor SheerinJohn 13:1-5Wednesday,
February 3, 2021


Sunday AM1st UPCSunday,
January 31, 2021

Consider Your Ways

Bible ClassSis Peggy McMillinHebrews 12:1Sunday,
January 31, 2021

Pharaoh Knows My Name

Youth ServiceSis Sheila DurkExodus 4:10-12Wednesday,
January 27, 2021

We Must Pray

Sunday AMPastor Sheerin2 Chronicles 7:1Sunday,
January 24, 2021

Engaging God

Bible ClassBro Clyde OwensProverbs 9:9-11Sunday,
January 24, 2021

Who Do You Trust?

WednesdayPastor SheerinPsalms 20:7Wednesday,
January 20, 2021

Recover All

Sunday AMPastor Sheerin1 Samuel 30:16-19Sunday,
January 17, 2021

Keeping The Faith

Bible ClassBro Chris Kiser2 Corinthians 1:19-20Sunday,
January 17, 2021

Walking By Faith

WednesdayRev Chris JohnsonGenesis 22:1-5Wednesday,
January 13, 2021


Sunday AMRev Laura ButlerPhilippians 1:6-7Sunday,
January 10, 2021

A For Sure Foundation

Bible ClassBro Marty McMillinEphesians 5:1Sunday,
January 10, 2021

Let Your Light Shine

WednesdayRev Chris JohnsonMatthew 5:14-16Wednesday,
January 6, 2021

A Solution For Revival

Sunday AMPastor SheerinPsalms 34:1, 22Sunday,
January 3, 2021


Bible ClassRev Chris JohnsonZephaniah 3:14-20Sunday,
January 3, 2021

Keep On/It's Not Time To Fold On Jesus/Defending Your Victory

Youth ServiceBro Christian Kiser/Bro Christian Turner/Bro Alex DiazWednesday,
December 30, 2020

What Would Wise Men Do?

WednesdayPastor SheerinMatthew 2:1-12Wednesday,
December 16, 2020

The Night Was Holy But Certainly Not Silent

Sunday AMPastor SheerinLuke 2:8-14Sunday,
December 13, 2020

Three Strikes And You're Out

Bible ClassRev Laura ButlerHebrews 11:1-2Sunday,
December 13, 2020

The Blessing Of Bricks

WednesdayPastor SheerinRomans 12:33-36Wednesday,
December 9, 2020

Praise Produces Promise From Pain

Sunday AMPastor Sheerin1 Chronicles 4:9-10Sunday,
December 6, 2020

Leaving A Godly Legacy

Bible ClassSis Peggy McMillinDeuteronomy 6:4-6Sunday,
December 6, 2020

The Foundation For Victory

WednesdayPastor SheerinColossians 1:15-18Wednesday,
December 2, 2020

I'm Grateful For God's Guarantee

Sunday AMPastor SheerinNumbers 6:22-27Sunday,
November 29, 2020

Spirit Of Thanksgiving

Bible ClassBro Marty McMillin2 Timothy 3:1-2Sunday,
November 29, 2020

Watch And See/You're A Survivor, Not A Casualty

Sunday PMBro Christian Turner/Bro Christian KiserDaniel 3:20-25Sunday,
November 22, 2020

There Is A Close Bond Between Thanksgiving And Faith

Sunday AMPastor SheerinLuke 17:15-19Sunday,
November 22, 2020


Bible ClassBro Clyde OwensPsalms 92:1Sunday,
November 22, 2020

Overcoming Evil With Good

WednesdayPastor SheerinRomans 12:20-21Wednesday,
November 18, 2020

Let Your Crisis Be Your Catalyst

Sunday AMPastor Sheerin1 Kings 17:22-24Sunday,
November 15, 2020

The Church

Sunday AMRev Stan CookSunday,
November 8, 2020


Bible ClassRev Laura ButlerMatthew 9:16-17Sunday,
November 8, 2020

Peace, If Possible

WednesdayPastor SheerinRomans 12:21Wednesday,
November 4, 2020


Sunday AMPastor SheerinLuke 5:1-5Sunday,
November 1, 2020


Bible ClassRev Chris JohnsonIsaiah 46:9-11Sunday,
November 1, 2020

God, When We Don't Know What To Do, We Look To You

Sunday AMPastor Sheerin2 Chronicles 20:8-12Sunday,
March 22, 2020

You Can Be Worry-Free

Sunday PMPastor SheerinPhilippians 4:13Sunday,
March 15, 2020

Jesus Christ The Same Yesterday, Today, And Tomorrow

Sunday AMPastor SheerinHebrews 13:1, 6-8Sunday,
March 15, 2020

Causes Of Conquering

WednesdayPastor SheerinRomans 12:21, 14-15Wednesday,
March 11, 2020

An Invitation With Expectation

Sunday PMPastor SheerinLuke 14:16-17Sunday,
March 8, 2020

The Price Of Peace

Sunday AMPastor SheerinPsalms 119:162-165Sunday,
March 8, 2020

Are You Persuaded?

Youth ServiceSis Sheila DurkRomans 8:37-39Wednesday,
March 4, 2020

Forget Not All His Benefits

Sunday PMPastor SheerinPsalms 103:1-5Sunday,
March 1, 2020

When He Doesn't Move The Mountain, Keep Faith

Sunday AMPastor SheerinGenesis 22:1-9, 13-17Sunday,
March 1, 2020

A Shepherd That Is A Savior

Sunday PMPastor SheerinPsalms 23:1, 46:1, 10-11Sunday,
February 16, 2020

Do What You Can Do And Then God Will Do What You Can't

Sunday AMPastor SheerinProverbs 21:31Sunday,
February 16, 2020

The Gift Of LIG (Letting It Go)

WednesdayPastor Sheerin1 Corinthians 13:5Wednesday,
February 12, 2020

Where The Withered Are Made Well

Sunday PMRev Paul KinneyLuke 6:6Sunday,
February 9, 2020

Righteousness And Peace Are Kissing!

Sunday AMRev Paul KinneyPsalms 85:7-13Sunday,
February 9, 2020

The Result Of Saving A Child

FridayRev Paul KinneyPsalms 127:3-5Friday,
February 7, 2020

He Took A Towel

WednesdayPastor SheerinJohn 13:4Wednesday,
February 5, 2020

Prayer Produces The Firefall And Then The Glory

Sunday PMPastor Sheerin2 Chronicles 7:1Sunday,
February 2, 2020

The Blessing Of Hunger

Sunday AMPastor SheerinPsalms 73:25Sunday,
February 2, 2020

My Dream Is For You To See Visions And Prophesy

WednesdayPastor SheerinActs 2:17Wednesday,
January 29, 2020

Don't Run

WednesdayRev Laura Butler1 Kings 18:24-19Wednesday,
January 22, 2020

With Faith Engaged Miracles Happen

Sunday PMPastor SheerinLuke 17:11-14Sunday,
January 19, 2020

Triumph For Those Who Try

Sunday AMPastor SheerinLuke 5:5-6Sunday,
January 19, 2020

Preparing For Promise

WednesdayRev Chris JohnsonPhilippians 3:13-14Wednesday,
January 15, 2020

The Process By Which Peace Prevails

Sunday PMPastor SheerinPsalms 119:163Sunday,
January 12, 2020

No Matter What Gets You Down, He'll Lift You Up

Sunday AMPastor SheerinPsalms 3:1-3Sunday,
January 12, 2020

The Blessing Of Benevolence

WednesdayPastor SheerinRomans 12:13Wednesday,
January 8, 2020

Positioned To Prosper

Sunday PMPastor SheerinPsalms 1:1-3Sunday,
January 5, 2020

On Your Mark

Sunday AMPastor SheerinPhilippians 3:13-14Sunday,
January 5, 2020

Love One To Another (Bishop McGruder's Final Message)

WednesdayBishop Carroll McGruderJohn 13:34-38Wednesday,
September 2, 2015

Study To Show Thyself Approved

Sunday AMBishop Carroll McGruder2 Timothy 2:15Sunday,
November 9, 2014

God Is Our Refuge

Sunday AMBishop Carroll McGruderPsalms 46:1-4,11Sunday,
August 10, 2014

Who Is Jesus In Your Life?

WednesdayBishop Carroll McGruderLuke 4:1-3Wednesday,
July 16, 2014

The Greatest Commandment

Sunday AMBishop Carroll McGruderDeuteronomy 6:1-6Sunday,
July 13, 2014

Praise The Lord

Sunday PMBishop Carroll McGruderPsalms 146Sunday,
June 8, 2014

When God Says, "Enough!"

Sunday AMBishop Carroll McGruder1 Corinthians 10:1-13Sunday,
June 1, 2014

Silencing The Dogs Of War (10th Anniversary Service)

Sunday PMRev Keith ClarkExodus 11:4-8, Joshua 10:20-21Sunday,
February 10, 2013

All Of This For A Bride (10th Anniversary Service)

Sunday AMRev Keith ClarkEphesians 5:22-33Sunday,
February 10, 2013

Heavenly Places (10th Anniversary Service)

FridayRev Steve WillefordEphesians 1:3, 2:6Friday,
February 8, 2013

The Tragedy Of A Wounded Spirit

Sunday AMRev David ShatwellProverbs 18:14Sunday,
February 3, 2008

This Is The Hour (Bro Sheerin's Second Message)

Sunday PMRev Donnie SheerinJohn 4:39-42Sunday,
September 15, 2002

The Experience Is Greater Than The Testimony (Bro Sheerin's First Message)

Sunday AMRev Donnie SheerinJohn 2:1-5Sunday,
September 15, 2002