Kennett Christian Academy
Principal: Pastor Donald Sheerin
Kennett Christian Academy was established in 1979 by the body of the First United Pentecostal Church in Kennett, Missouri, under the direction of then pastor, Rev. J. D. Langford. The school is a ministry of the local church body and is supported as such.
Kennett Christian Academy was established with the vision and goal of providing a sound, quality, academic education to its students while reinforcing Christian and moral values.
KCA uses an individualized curriculum  provided by Accelerated Christian Education, a trusted provider of Christian educational materials since 1970.
For enrollment information, please call the school office at (573) 888-2520.
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School Board:
Members for 2016-2017:
Donald Sheerin, President
Jim Butler, Secretary
Johnie Masterson
Dennis Thompson
Lesia Willett

Donald J. Sheerin, Jr., B.A., A.A., A.A.B.A. - Principal/Administrator
Christpher L. Johnson, A.A. - Assistant Principal/Upper Level Teacher
Chrystal (Star) Johnson, B.S.Ed., C.Ed.A - Elementary Teacher
Sheila Durk - Kindergarten

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Pastor Donald Sheerin
Date: July 14, 2019
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